Bryan Park

I went to Bryan Park this morning to try to get some photos. I had never been there before. It isn't a very large park, but it is nice and has some good opportunities for photos.


The clouds this morning (the tail end of Tropical Storm Nicole that blew through yesterday) made a perfect diffuser.



The small playground by the soccer fields made for some good shots. I only kept these two, but I probably spent a good 15 minutes there.


I don't know what it is about benches. Empty benches. They're just begging to be photographed.


I wonder if Mark still l/s Nancy...


I'm posting this one as a good example of a shot that looks fine when you're standing there but is kind of boring after the fact.


See what I mean about the benches?

I'm glad I went to the park. I saw a lot of opportunites for return visits once the leaves start changing and in the winter.