Tomorrow is election day. I suspect that despite constant media coverage a significant percentage of Americans don’t even know that elections are being held. Another large percentage know but don’t understand what the elections are for. We are ignorant as a populace, but that’s not *exactly* what my point is right now…

I was told several years ago by a pharmacy school dean, who I respect a great deal, that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. I have taken that statement to heart because time and time again it has proven correct. And politicians are, if anything, more proof of the sentiment than anyone else. It really does not matter which party you uphold as virtuous, they are all politicians and they will all do what politicians do. That is, whatever they have to do to stay in power. So, go to the polls tomorrow. Vote for your knights in shining armor. But just remember that regardless of promises or politics, they will disappoint you.

Every other November we are told that it is our civic duty to vote. And that is true. But what about the civic duty of our elected representatives to do work for us?