Photo Walk on Belle Isle

After I dropped the girl off at daycare this morning I went to Belle Isle for some photos. None of these is really spectacular, but I was outside on a nice day with my camera, so I'll not complain.


I love going to Belle Isle for photos, but I dread walking across the footbridge suspended under the Lee Bridge. I am deathly afraid of heights and the foodbridge shakes -- a lot -- every time a car rolls by overhead.


Looking West from the footbridge.


Belle Isle is studded with abandoned 19th Century industrial buildings and equipment.


I went up into the maze of paths on the hill in the center of the island...


This is one side of a 4 sided basin that's kind of hidden in the trees, right on the top of the hill. It's empty now (obviously, as I took this photo from inside it) but all I can think is that this was some kind of water tank for the island. Now it has a burned out campfire ring in the middle of it.


I might have arranged these leaves a bit.


I took this one with the intent of experimenting with some desaturation in Lightroom. Not completely unhappy with it...


I have photographed this warehouse before, from the inside.


Downtown Richmond.


The close observer will notice the Ethyl building from my re-processed photos the other day on the left side of this one.

I'd really like to get some photos of the Richmond skyline at night after they put the Seasonal lights on the buildings.