In which I go full nerd.

Here’s a screenshot of my current desktop. This tells you a lot about a person.


First, you’ll notice that I do have a fair number of programs running in the background automating things for me. Google Notifier (I just can’t deal with, Dropbox (the greatest program in History), Carbonite AND Time Machine because I’m paranoid (I run Super Duper every night to an external drive, also.) and my new obsession, Quicksilver. You will also notice my Dock and probably think that anyone running three different browsers is probably unbalanced somehow. That may be true, but there was a good reason for that. You’ll just have to trust me on that one.

You’ll also notice that I have to have a clean desktop. As horrifyingly disordered as the desk my MacBook sits on is, the MacBook itself is immaculately organized. This, I know, is strange. I can’t help it. The only file on my desktop is an alias to my most used folder in Dropbox. That’s it. Everything else is away, hidden. If I need it I’ll pull up Quicksilver or (likely not) Spotlight.

What I really wanted you to notice is this…


Take a closer look at the top left of the desktop. Those are the keyboard shortcuts that I currently use the most, and ironically, seem to have the hardest time remembering. Put them there and I’ll never forget them. But the really cool (nerdy) part of this is that I used Lightroom to get them there. They’re actually just a watermark. I copy-and-pasted from my list of shortcuts into the text box for the watermark and then had it applied to the photo as I exported it. Of course, I made an export preset for that, so whenever I find a photo I want as a desktop I can send it to my Desktops folder complete with the Shortcuts watermark using just a couple of clicks. And the watermark itself is a separate preset, so I can add to or edit it separately. And, because these are all presets, when I re-export the same photo (same filename) after changing something I have it overwrite the old one leaving my Desktops folder nice and neat. 

Wow. Not only did I do this, I was proud enough of it to share. Geez, what a freakin’ nerd. End of line.