Bottles and Cans

I started collecting beer bottles (and some cans) when I was at college. It's a silly thing to collect for sure and my wife absolutely hates it. They take up a ton of space for no purpose other than just sitting there. Collecting dust.

In cleaning out my office this summer I finally came to the realization that Erin is right. The bottles need to go. But, what better way to remember and continue the collection than to photograph them all? I can't think of any more apt way to let go of one phase while embracing the next.

Here are a few of the photos. You can see the rest on my flickr site (See the whole set here, if you really want to. As of this moment there are 177 photos in the set...). As more get photographed that's where I'll post them. They're not the greatest photos I've ever taken. I just don't have the time to edit nearly 200 photos the way I do my more serious work. These are quick and dirty.