Petersburg Battlefield

I went to the Petersburg National Battlefield Park this morning if for no other reason than to just get out of the house and make myself take some photos. I didn't take all that many, as it isn't really the most photogenic of parks, but I'm satisfied with what I got.


Cannon with caisson.


The Dictator. Siege gun used by the Union Army (more info here).


Dictator detail.


Smaller cannon at one of the Confederate Batteries.


Obligatory shot down the muzzle. I would have one of the Dictator, but it's plugged.


Ruins of the kitchen and slave quarters of the Taylor Farm. More info on the site here. This was just a standard landscape until I got it into Lightroom and realized that the composition was similar to some of the photos I have seen from the 1860's. Thankfully the clouds made the shot perfect for some creative filter use.

In retrospect, I'm glad I forced myself out today. Some of these aren't half bad.