Erin and I had the amazing opportunity to go along with the JMU Marching Royal Dukes on their trip to Paris and London. After a bit of a rocky start (and no Paris) we had a great time in London.


This is not Paris. Our flights were cancelled due to nearly two feet of snow dumped on Newark airport, so we spent two days in and around Washington, D.C., waiting for our flight to Heathrow to be rebooked.


We got to London very late Wednesday night. In the morning we saw that London was going to be cold and dreary. Despite that, this was a pretty awesome trip...


The British Museum, feat. Kyle. This is an amazing museum, if you can brave the masses of people. You will notice no photos of the Rosetta Stone (arguably the most important artifact therein). I couldn't even get close to it through the ten-deep crowd.


Jen, Kat, Erin. It's not easy to tell from this photo, but it was just bitterly cold and rainy that first day.


Venus. There are so many incredible artifacts in the British Museum, I could spend a month in there and not get close to capturing it all.


Cleopatra. Yeah. That's her, right there.


This is the Garden Museum, formerly St. Mary's, Lambeth. Capt. William Bligh (of the infamous HMS Bounty) is buried here. On day two in London we spent the morning getting a coach tour of the historic sites.



Obligatory photos of Parliament and Tower Bridge.


The city was done up for New Year's. There were so many people in the city and using the Underground that we ended up walking back to the hotel. We saw the fireworks at the London Eye from the lounge on the 23rd floor of our hotel. It was a great view, even if it was 2 miles away.


Someone wasn't feeling well on January 1.


The original Hard Rock. Walking distance to Buckingham Palace...


Buckingham Palace. It was quite 'murky' that day, as the woman on BBC warned us that morning.


I really like this one.


Proof that I was, in fact, in London.


The Globe. Well, a replica of it anyway. We saw the Winter Wassail there. Wonderful show. Can't imagine how cool it would be to see Hamlet.


Windsor Palace. I enjoyed Windsor very much. There was just too much to see there in the time we had, though.


The sheer number of statues makes me think Victoria had some kind of complex.



View across the courtyard to where Elizabeth II lives. She wasn't there that day, though.


Thanks to Brandon for making me go get this shot. It is one of my favorites from the trip.


And thanks to Erin for making me get this one. Turns out that, yes, you can ice skate in the moat of the Tower of London.


Despite our difficulties in the beginning this turned out to be simply an amazing trip. We saw things that you only read about or see on tv. We spent the time with some great friends. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that Erin and I will never forget.

[Note: The entire set of trip photos can be found here.]