InLight Richmond. Henry Dances.

Erin and I went to InLight Richmond1 to see my bud Henry dance with the rva dance collective. Henry2 was awesome in the performace. Seriously awesome.

There were some really great art installations but, of course, the photos I took of most of them were awful because of it being night and all. But here are a few of the ones that came out ok.

The event took place at historical Tredegar Iron Works.


The kids’ Light Parade:



Henry performs:



We didn’t even know about InLight until Henry posted something about it on facebook. I am very glad we went. I highly recommend it and we will be going again next year…

  1. Two weeks ago. I am very behind with my photos…

  2. A bio of Henry can be found here. Strangely it does not mention his skills at making Jungle Juice or getting me to drink way too much of said Jungle Juice.