Photo Sites

I haven’t done a link list in quite a while, but here is a selection of photography-related sites that I enjoy.

Chris Glass. I adore Chris’s photos. And the little bit that I’ve talked to him on twitter, he seems like a really cool, centered guy. Chris’s photos capture everyday life with a great color and beauty.

From Me To You. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting or talking to Jamie, but her photos are absolutely gorgeous. My favorite of her posts is Fall on the Farm. It might not be ‘typical’ of her posts, but it’s just about the most beautiful set of photographs I can imagine. I ‘met’ Drew through a tumblr Secret Santa. Unlike my previous attempts at daily photos, Drew actually does a daily photo and they’re really good. Doesn’t hurt that he’s a good guy, too.

HIGHLIGHTED LIFE. Mr. James Nord mixes his high-quality photos with a blog filled with style and humor. And he is a sartorial success. Dave Lam is a photographer and designer. His monochrome photos, mostly from a Leica M6, are very, very good. He has a great eye. He does weddings as well…

The Myth of Fingerprints. It seems that boyghost is the hit of tumblr lately. And not without good reason. He calls himself a ‘social-landscape’ photographer and he lives up to that moniker very well. My only trouble is that I can’t decide which of his prints to purchase.

The Photographist. Another great [mostly] monochrome photoblog. Christian Villacillo’s photos are easy on the eyes, yes, but also personal and mysterious.

The Sartorialist. How could I not mention the site of Mr. Scott Schuman. His street photos just exude cool and style. Real-life fashion in New York (and often elsewhere) captured on the street.

This is just a small sample of the great photo sites out there, and I don’t mean to exclude any that I follow on tumblr and that follow me back but these are the ones that I have to have in my Reader to help push me out the door to go take photos. Thank you to those who keep inspiring me to go shoot.

NOTE: This list is also available as a page here on the site (Click on the Photo Sites link in the sidebar) which I will [try to] keep updated.