Another Transition

I have spent a few months on tumblr, suffering through multiple service outages each and every day, and I'm just absolutely done with it. So, I spent the better part of a week looking for a better solution. I considered:


-Moveable Type



-Coding something myself

All of these were poor options for me because, not being a web designer, I would spend more time and energy than is entirely reasonable just getting myself up to speed on the code before dealing with content. And with Typepad and Wordpress... I just didn't want to spend the money for a Pro Typepad account or deal with Wordpress again. I suppose I could go back to Squarespace, but that's even more money than Typepad. 

In the end there were two reasons why I came [back] to Posterous - in addition to it being free, I guess. One - It is super, ridiculously easy to use. I can get my content up and published fast and without a lot of fuss. Second - Posterous has added some features that make it ideal for what I want to do with the Dram. They have Pages now (which I need for the site in general, but also for a big, ginormous photo project I'm going to announce soon), post scheduling, themes/custom css, and on...

But the icing on the cake, for realz, was the [literally] one-click import from tumblr. Seriously. I said import, and I got an email when it was done. Then Posterous asked if I wanted to [freaking!] Merge the imported posts into the site! Holy shitsnacks (for @k_bay) that made me super happy.

And so, is now officially hosted on Posterous. I never thought I'd see the day.

There will be many tweaks in the next few weeks. I'm ok with the current theme, but I really want something custom, so I'll be looking into that. And going through the old posts I've see a lot of broken image embeds (I really need to stop using flickr as a file hosting service - It's not really meant for that and it doesn't work very well.) and some wonky font and blockquote things that result from importing tumblr reblogs. So, I'll go through the 700+ posts and fix or delete what needs fixing or deleting. 

The end result is less frustration, less downtime, and more posts. More photos, more written posts, more of me here. I hope you'll enjoy it. I hope if your a tumblr follower you'll subscribe to the RSS or just stop by every now and then. I hope those who I do this for (you know who you are) find this a barely noticeable change for the better.

K, back to work.

[ADDENDUM: So it seems that the broken embeds I saw were due to a cache issue from viewing them on the iPad. Mobile Safari seems to start dropping embedded photos if they fill up the cache. Should have checked on the MacBook before getting nervous about broken posts.]