I just bought Pixelmator in the Mac App Store. I’ve only played with it a little bit but I am extremely impressed. The interface is very pleasant, though there is a bit of a learning curve for me as I’ve never used any Photoshop-like programs before with palettes and such. From my1 experience it’s $30 for pretty much all of the functionality of Photoshop. And they’re upgrading to version 2.0 this summer for no extra charge.

As an example of what one can do with Pixelmator2 I took one of my favorite photos from my day-trip to Sharp Mountain and tinkered with it to get some neat vintage effects.

Here’s the original:


And with about twenty minutes of tinkering I ended up with this:

Sharp Top View

I am really excited about what I can do with this app. The possibilities are quite literally endless.

  1. Admittedly inexperienced… ↩

  2. And some generous help from an online tutorial. ↩