Which Tablet?

MC Siegler sums up quite nicely the current state of the tablet market in his meta-review of the upcoming HP TouchPad1:

I wonder how many people would buy an iPad 1 over any other tablet on the market (not named iPad 2) right now? I bet almost everyone would. 

Exactly. The device that Apple was crazy for selling because ‘who wants this thing?’ and ‘it’s just a big iPhone’ and at such a high price point, still has no compelling competition.

To be fair, I think HP is the only company with a mobile OS capable of competing with iOS. WebOS is a good basis for mobile computing. That doesn’t mean HP won’t screw this potential up—arguably the TouchPad does just that—but WebOS is a better platform for phones and tablets than Android or Windows Mobile 7 Touch Home Edition 982.

I might not buy an original iPhone over the latest Android sets, but there isn’t a single tablet on the market—other than the iPad 2—that I would choose over an iPad 1. That’s telling.

  1. Wait. Wasn’t ‘pad’ ridiculed when Apple announced the iPad? I thought anything not named ‘slate’ or ‘tablet’ or whatever was doomed. ↩

  2. RIM and Nokia ought to just forget it already. They’re done.  ↩