In Love with Byword

So, this is why I’m in love with Byword.

Screen shot 2011-06-04 at 10.39.55 AM

  • Clean interface

  • Full Markdown support—inc. MultiMarkdown

  • Full webpage preview of said Markdown pages right there in the app via keyboard shortcut—including embedded images

  • I had already bought it on the App Store when they added Markdown support

  • The icon isn’t obnoxious (pet peeve: nice apps with crap or silly icons—looking at you Twitterrific for Mac)

And I can just copy the text into an email and send it to posterous and boom. Done. Posted. Of course, posterous has some trouble with some of the Markdown stuff from time to time. What to do? When in the Markdown preview in Byword, right there at the bottom is a ‘copy HTML’ button. Click and the Markdown is converted—correctly—to HTML and copied to the clipboard so I can paste it into an email to post it. Brilliant. Love this app so much right now.

Yes, I know I have a nerdy TARDIS wallpaper. Shut up.

Yes, I know I was listening to a Phish concert. Again, shut up.