We Went to Greece

In December of 2000 Erin and I joined our friends on a marching band trip to Greece for the Millennium Celebration. It was an amazing trip. We saw so many things that most Americans only see in history books, if at all.

The other night Erin found some of the photos that she took on that trip. I scanned them in and ran them through Lightroom to pretty them up a little. Here are the highlights.

Me and Erin in front of, ah, some old building or something:


Me and some of my homeys:


Erin was in the color guard. They warmed up behind the tubas so they could check out our sweet behinds:


This is Erin’s unintentional Edward Weston tribute:


The bar at the Hotel Stanley was well used by the JMU Marching Royal Dukes. Well used…


Athens, from any high enough vantage point, seems to go on forever. It is an amazingly huge city.


Check out the whole set of photos here.