A Digital Irony

And now for a bit of digital irony… I just don’t care for eBooks.

Some context: I don’t read the newspaper. I read articles online, usually saved to my all-time favorite app, Instapaper. I get nearly 100% of my news from the Internet. I don’t print my photos – I post them. I don’t write in a journal – I blog. I am full-on immersed in a digital lifestyle from news to tv shows to movies to music.

The thing is, though, I just don’t care for eBooks. And it certainly isn’t from a lack of trying. Looking back through the archive on my iPad’s Kindle app I have nine books that I have read all the way through, about ten more in various stages of not-yet-finished and one that I’m actively reading, Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens.

Its just that neither the Kindle app or iBooks really suit me as a way to read a book. I really enjoy the feel of a paperback book in my hands. I like that the weight of the book tells me how much work it is going to be to get through. I love the immediate tactile feedback that the thickness of each side of the book gives about how far along I am toward the end of that particular literary journey.

These are experiences that apps and eReaders just cannot duplicate. For sure, I think these technologies are great. Anything that makes reading more accessible is a big positive in my book. But, as a matter of personal preference I would rather have the old-fashioned paper version of a book in my hands.

Note: This post originally written with pen on paper.