Good Weekend

Even though I was working all weekend, it was a pretty nice one. Erin’s dad visited on Saturday and Sunday. And Erin’s sister and her son spent Saturday night here at the house. And my parents brought some breakfast by Sunday morning.

Even though I was stuck in my office working most of the time it was really nice to see everyone. And, of course, Beatrix had a blast playing with her cousin Justin Michael and her Grandpa Rusty.

Grandpa Rusty did a reading of Yertle the Turtle for the kids. It was the only time they sat still all weekend.

I tried to get some photos of the kids Sunday morning at breakfast before I had to start work.

In the afternoon Erin and her dad took Beatrix to the park. All of the photos from the park were taken by Erin and I think she did a great job.

And Beatrix brought me back some rocks from the park.

It really was a nice weekend visit for everyone. I just wish I could have spend more time with everyone. We will have to do it again, soon.