Our little girl had surgery this morning to repair her umbilical hernia. She has had the hernia since birth. Her doctor thought it had a chance of closing on its own eventually, but it just hasn’t and about a month ago she started complaining that her tummy hurt.

So, we scheduled an appointment to meet with a pediatric surgeon. He asked all of the routine questions and examined her belly. He (and his nurse) had a really good rapport with Beatrix. Turns out, they told her, that her baby-doll, Petunia, who had come to the appointment with us, needed to have her belly fixed too. Petunia would have to come to the surgery with her…

We everything scheduled and last night I called to confirm. Not only could she not eat or drink anything after midnight, but we had to be at the hospital to get her registered at 5:45 am. The surgery was scheduled for 7:30. Beatrix and I usually aren’t even awake by 7:30. It was a very early morning.

But we made it there in time (early, even) and Beatrix was a trooper. With some help from her Nana we had a no-meltdown wait right up until they took her back. The nurse anesthetist even gave Beatrix the option of different smelling gas; she chose cotton candy.

After a short while the surgeon came out with a reassuring smile and told Erin and I that Beatrix was fine and that she had been ‘as good as gold’. Though, I’m not sure she had much choice under general anesthesia… We waited a while for her to be moved to recovery and shortly thereafter she was getting her IV removed and we were on our way home.

It’s been quite a lethargic afternoon. Lots of TLC, juice, and ice cream. She took a four-hour nap after we got home. And though she still seems a little out of sorts, she’s slowly getting back to her normal self.

In recovery. About to go home:

Her new pal, Chip, is comforting:

I’m sure Beatrix will be up and getting into all sorts of trouble very soon.