Messing Around in Lightroom

For some stupid reason when I got my Sigma 30mm ƒ1.4 lens (still my favorite, by the way) I never checked in Lightroom to see if they had a lens profile for it. Turns out they do, and it makes a pretty big difference. Applying the lens profile corrects vignetting (an issue since I often shoot wide open, or close to it), distortion, and chromatic aberration.

Here’s a look at the before and after. In this case you can really only see the distortion correction: the image is cropped so vignetting isn’t visible and you would have to zoom in to 100% to see the chromatic aberration. But trust me, the difference is real.

Left is Uncorrected. Right is Corrected. The only difference is the lens correction. If you can’t see the difference look at the vertical lines of the sliding door. They bow outward weirdly in the one on the left.

I took some other photos today of some artwork we have in the house. This first one is a painting my grandmother did based on a photo she took on a trip to Ireland. She was quite the prolific painter. I’ve claimed several of her works for our house. This one is in our bedroom and is the first thing I see when I get up in the morning.

Erin and I are big fans of Dale Chihuly. We saw a lot of his pieces in Las Vegas. The casinos love to decorate with his stuff. And there was a giant Chihuly piece over the information desk at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. (You can see some photos of the piece and how they clean it — quite the undertaking — here.)

This photo is of some prints Erin bought and had framed. They’re of some of his pieces installed on the Nuutajoki River in Finland. I couldn’t find a lot of information on the project as it was a temporary installation, but here’s a little info about it. I think these are just beautiful. They look really good on the orange wall of the family/tv room. And it’s the closest we’ll ever come to owning a Chihuly.