Just Awful Baseball

Well, here we are. Five Six games into the season and the Red Sox have been just about as awful as they could be. One win. Four Five hard-to-watch losses. (I started writing this before the loss to the Blue Jays this afternoon.)

The Good

The pitching, outside of some blunders by the bullpen and Josh ‘Its Not My Fault’ Beckett, has actually been pretty good. Lester has been solid. Dubront and Bard were surprisingly good in their first starts. Even some of the bullpen guys pulled on their big-boy pants and did their jobs. Scott Atchison in particular was a bright spot.

And the bad…

There has been just so much bad. Youk can’t hit and can barely cover the left side of the infield. Shoppach and Salty have both made bone-headed mistakes that cost runs. And let’s not forget that Salty hasn’t been swinging the bat very well, either.

The infield, with the exceptions of Pedroia and Aviles, has been, let’s say, rusty. They cost Bard a chance at a win in his first start, for sure. But, its early yet. They’ll get in the groove and start clicking as they get more games in. I can understand that, I guess.

The bats have been quiet. Last year Jon Lester could count on six runs on each of his starts. This year? He’s gotten three in two starts (Actually just one. The two runs on Opening Day were in the ninth after Lester had left the game.) With the exception of the twelve runs on Sunday against the Tigers (who won the game with thirteen…) the bats just haven’t been swinging well. You can’t win if you can’t score…

The blunder’s and mistakes are what make me want to throw my remote through my tv screen. There are so many pieces and parts to a baseball team and so many of them have to be executed as near as possible to perfection for a team to win. When the team makes boneheaded mistakes on basic execution, I start getting throw-y.

And, sure, I’m glad Bobby V. takes responsibility for making a mistake, like leaving Justin Thomas in against Arencibia yesterday, but how about not doing it in the first place?

On the one hand, I see a lot of, for the lack of a better word, potential. But I also see a lot of junk and a lot of poor baseball. Until things start to turn around I’m going to have my wife hide the remotes during Sox games.