Tonx. Damn Good Coffee.

If you follow me on the twitter you know that I have become a huge fan of Tonx Coffee. They source and roast coffee and send it straight to your door every other week. It’s a different origin/variety each time, but they’re all accessible to any coffee drinker. These coffees are just good.

And they are fresh. That’s really the key. I have a (relatively inexpensive) grinder and a (very inexpensive) Chemex brewer and I get absolutely fantastic results with these beans. But they roast them with the aim that they’ll be good no matter what brew method you choose. Tonx coffees are so much better than anything you can get at the grocery store ground in a can that it’s not even a fair comparison.

Here are the ones I’ve gotten so far:

Left to right they’re from Tanzania, Colombia, Burundi, Rwanda, and Ecuador. Every one of these was really, really good.

I recommend Tonx highly. You should really give their coffee a try. You can start and stop your subscription at any time you want (via the web, they make it super-easy). You can even just pause it for a while. AND, if you you go to this link (, you’ll get $10 off your first month and I’ll get a cool Tonx t-shirt for the recommendation. SO, please do that.