Might Hear Some Boos.

That first start’s always a crapshoot.

I’m not 100% sure why, but that really got to me this afternoon. This year Mr. Beckett will make almost $16 Million dollars to throw a ball 60’-6” a few thousand times. Don’t get me wrong; I can’t do what he does. But I don’t make millions of dollars or answer to the fans of the Boston Red Sox. Josh Beckett does.

I understand having a bad start. Or a bad year. My favorite pitcher from when I was a kid, Orel Hershiser, had a lot of bad years. Indeed, his 23-win season leading the Dodgers to the World Series was actually an anomaly. In his second best year, 1985, Hershiser won 19 and he averaged just over 11.

What gets me about Beckett is the abdication of any responsibility for it. And it’s just one more unconcerned statement from Josh ‘Ain’t-My-Fault’ Beckett. As Scott Lauber stated in the above linked article:

Beckett could have placated the masses by apologizing for his role at the center of last season’s beer-and-chicken flap in the clubhouse. But he reported to spring training in February and admitted only to making “mistakes” and having “lapses in judgment,” while denying suggestions that he didn’t stay in shape and expressing anger that the occasional in-game consumption of light beer and fried chicken by several starting pitchers became public.

Yeah. Exactly. Just come out and say, ‘Yep. I screwed up. I was a significant part of this team letting the fans down last year. Hell, if I had done my job better in September maybe Tito and Theo would still have Boston addresses.’ That would have garnered a lot of respect in Red Sox Nation, I believe. Instead he was sorry that we found out…

When asked what kind of reaction he expects from the Fenway crowd Friday night?

That’s nothing I can control.

Well, you’re wrong there, Josh. You’ll get what you’ve earned, I’ll bet.