View From The Rear Window

One of my all-time favorite movies is Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. If you haven’t seen it, it’s the story of a photographer, played by Jimmy Stewart, who’s laid up in his Manhattan apartment with a broken leg with only the view out into his neighbor’s windows, and his fiancé, portrayed by Grace Kelly[1] to keep him company. Its about voyeurism, paranoia, and possibly murder.

Last year Jeff Desom took the parts of the film shot of the apartment and put together a video installation that ‘match[ed] them into a single panoramic view of the entire backyard.’ He then posted the ‘making of’ video which feels a lot like a time lapse of the events in the film.

It’s really neat to see all of the elements of the story come together in a way like what L.B. Jefferies saw out of his Rear Window.

  1. Not surprisingly, Princess Grace is one of my favorite things about the film.  ↩