Re-arranged. Again.

I’ve rearranged my iPhone apps again. This one is a fairly radical change.

If you remember way back when I wrote about individualizing the iPhone this was my apps arrangement:

The individual apps had moved around, been added, deleted, etc., but the layout was the same, until today.

I read this post by Will Hains in which he posits a really neat concept for the design of the next iPhone. The article is a good read and well thought out and I recommend anyone interested in all things iPhone give it a look.

But what really got my attention was the arrangement of apps in this image:

Image by Will Hains

He’s got the rows arranged by function with a folder of more apps of that function on the left side of the row. It’s brilliant.

Here’s my current layout:

Of course I only have four rows instead of the five in the concept art, but the idea is exactly the same. (Note: Yep. That is the Ultradeep Galaxies wallpaper that I talked about in this post and that you can download, for freesies, right here.)

Row One: Core iPhone utilities. is in the folder because I hate talking on the phone. I have there (in addition to Instagram below) because I use for anything nice, or not square, and for video.

Row Two: I might need a better name that Tools, but that’s kind of what these are. Random apps that I use a lot as tools to get things done. Weather. Maps. I usually only use Safari on the phone when I’m trying to search for something quick or I’m away from home. Most of the time at home I use Safari on the iPad.

Row Three: Productivity really sums it up. Getting stuff done. Agenda replaces Sparrow replaces (Note: Sparrow does not — yet — have push notifications. I have not missed that feature in the least. As a matter of fact, I’ve turned off notifications on almost everything.) Clear is a great, simple To Do app. I do use for lists of things, especially if I need to share them with my wife, like groceries (we sync our Reminders via iCloud), but I use clear a lot more.

Row Four: Common apps I use a lot and want quick access to., Pandora, and Downcast get a workout in the car to and from daycare. In the folder are Amazon, Pocket, the new strw app, MLB At Bat, 1Password, and on and on…

The Bottom Row: I still don’t know what Apple calls this: the Home row? Anyway, that’s where I have apps that I use a lot. I mean a lot. And none if them quite fit into any of the other categories.

Screen Two (not pictured): Everything else. Newsstand. Miscellaneous apps I don’t need quick access to.

It’s a little tricky to do the rearranging for this, because although I’ve conceptually and visually arranged the apps horizontally by function and then vertically by those organized rows, the apps are arranged and moved by iOS in a snaking top-left-to-bottom-right that is sometimes crazy-making. I cheated a little by rearranging everything in the Apps tab in iTunes under that device and then syncing the iPhone to make the changes. It was a lot easier than trying to do it all by hand, flipping back and forth between pages.

I think I will like this arrangement quite a bit. It will mean a lot less swiping to page two. And everything is laid out in a logical order, so it should be easier to remember where everything is.