Some More Updates

Some updates to the site to report.

First, I’ve added a page named files. This is where you can find some of the files I’ve made publicly available for download. Previously I’ve used a Dropbox public folder or an Amazon S3 public folder, but those are a little awkward for linking and such. Now you can find my publicly available files in one easy location, And, of course, you can just come here to the site and click on files right over there in the sidebar.

Right now there’s only one directory in there, wallpapers, that has two zipped sets of wallpapers I’ve created. One is just the solid #4A525A color and the other is the incredibly nerdy Galaxies set (discussed here). In each .zip is a 1920X1080 desktop version and full retina-display resolution versions for iPhone and iPad. (Don’t worry. They work just fine on non-retina-display iPhones and iPads, too.)

Second, the site now has a proper icon. This doesn’t mean a great deal if you read it in your browser, because it’s not really big enough to see in the address bar. But, the cool thing is (at least to me) that if you open the site in Mobile Safari on an iPhone or iPad and ‘Add to Home Screen’ you’ll get a nifty custom photo (taken by me) of one of my A Fine Dram shot glasses (a gift from my brother, Randy) as the icon for the site.

I mean, seriously, how cool is this?

Finally, and this one actually did take a bit of time and effort, has it’s own twitter account now. It is intended just to share posts to the main blog, new photo galleries, and another new ‘feature’ shared articles.

The twitter account is @AFineDram.

You’ll see links to new blog posts and links to galleries over on the photographs page. And you will also see my new ‘shared links’. I’ve started a new page, shared where I’ll post links to articles I think are worth reading. Mostly they’ll be news stories and such from around the interwebs.

And the neat thing about the way they’ll post to the @AFineDram account is that the link will take you directly to that article so you don’t have to go through my site to see it. And most twitter clients will let you save that link directly to your Instapaper account to read later.

Note, for those reading the new shared page here on the site: The title of each ‘post’ will only take you to the post. You’ll need to click on the link in the body of the post to go to the linked article. Just a technical thing.

The next step will be to better automate how I share posts to the shared page. That’s a project for another day.

So there you have it. Updates. Some minor, some long overdue. I’m pretty happy with all of them.