Paper. Cosmonaut.

I have started using the beautiful iPad app, Paper. I don’t think it was exactly intended for me. If you watch the video for the app it’s clear it’s meant for people with more artistic talent that I’ll ever have:

I really don’t see me up on The High Line sketching tigers anytime soon.

But the thing is, Paper is perfect for me. I use it to jot quick notes for work. To make To Do Lists. Even to sketch a bit. And, as I’ve stated before I do like writing by hand. One of the cool features of Paper is that I can create a different notebook for each thing and don’t have to go buy another $15 Moleskine.

And with Paper I’m using the excellent Cosmonaut touchscreen stylus. Its designed to work with the iPad and it’s wonderful to write and sketch with.

The Cosmonaut works with all apps so it can end up being just as useful as Paper.

I won’t go too deep into my Paper workflow. It’s so easy to use and intuitive you’ll figure out what works for you very quickly if you start using it but it really is a beautiful and simple app and well worth a look.

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