Malvern Hill

As I mentioned before I’ve been doing some experimenting in Lightroom with split toning to get an older, glass-plate type look. I took some photos at Malvern Hill Battlefield this morning and worked with them to get a look like palladium or maybe silver gelatin prints.

The Union view.

The Confederate view.

This home was built on the foundation left from a farm house that was here at the time of the battle.

The remains of the parsonage.

Confederate canon.

Landscape (and my new desktop wallpaper).

The split toning is a bit tricky. Small adjustments make big changes and there are a lot of variables: highlight hue, highlight saturation, shadow hue, shadow saturation, balance. I’m not sure I’ll ever get very good at doing split toning, but it is fun to experiment with.

I’ll put all of these in a gallery on the photographs page as well.