Meeting Princesses and Family

Beatrix’s very first character meeting was with Cinderella’s wicked step-mother and step-sisters. They did give her a hard time about her Cinderella outfit.

At the character lunch at Cinderella Castle I stupidly didn’t get any photos of Beatrix and Cinderella*. I think her favorite princess at the lunch was Ariel, anyway.

She met Merida from Brave before seeing the movie**.

But the highlight of highlights was meeting Rapunzel. It was the only thing we waited more than fifteen minutes for the whole week (almost an hour!) but it was totally worth it to see the look on Beatrix’s face.

My favorite character Beatrix met was Tinker Bell. Just saying.

On a whim I booked us for the character dinner at Norway in World Showcase (Thank Walt for the Disney Dining Plan.) and got some more princess photos.

Thankfully, I had my camera with me the second time we had lunch with Arlene Marie and her kids.

One of the last photos I took. Getting in line for the bus back to the hotel after our last day in the parks.

We did have a great time. We braved ridiculously long car rides, a tropical storm, three-year-old meltdowns aplenty, and the All-Star Resorts bus. But we had fun and made a lot of memories for us and Beatrix.

*I’ll have to scan in the prints from the Disney photographer.

**She still hasn’t seen the movie. As scared as she gets from dark places and loud sounds I’ll happily wait to buy the DVD.