The New iPhone

This is a post in two parts. First, what I'd like to see in the new iPhone. Second, what I'll be buying, on what network, and why.

My iPhone Wishlist

The name. I'm hoping/betting Apple will follow the precedent they set with 'The New iPad' and call the upcoming iPhone 'The New iPhone'. Not only does that make naming more consistent across the product lines—the iPhone is the only Apple product that has numbers in its name—but it is more elegant. I don't know how that will affect naming when just plain iPhones from multiple years are on sale concurrently but Apple will no doubt cross that bridge when the time comes. They'll have to with the iPad already.

LTE. The new iPhone just about has to support LTE. The new iPad has an LTE antenna so it would be seen by most as a bit of a step back for Apple to not include it in their flagship product. And LTE is really fast. Near broadband speeds over a cell network. Its roughly ten times faster than 3G[1]. Between LTE, Personal Hotspot, and the new-to-iOS 6 WiFi Plus Cellular feature—which augments weak WiFi with the available cell network for seamless data—will further blur the line between traditional and mobile network access.

Increased battery life. Except for Standby Time, which no one really cares too much about anyway, each new iPhone has incrementally improved on battery life over the past one. What I would like to see with the next iPhone is a battery with a longer lifespan. My two-year-old iPhone 4 is showing significantly reduced battery life. This could be due to the age of the device—no battery lasts forever and it's quite remarkable how well these batteries do perform long-term—or it could be the fact that it shipped running iOS 4 and it's now running a feature-packed iOS 5.1.1.

New dock connector. The current leaks and rumors show a new, smaller dock connector that could be universal for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch[2]. It's possibly USB 3 compatible with a reversible connector—so one will not have to flip the connector if it's not in the correct orientation; both orientations are correct. Additionally the cable in the leaked photos seems to be thicker and more robust. Although this would mean than the current iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch cables would not work with devices that use the new connector I think it's worth it for Apple to make the change. It will make usage simpler for users, design more elegant and efficient, and may reduce replacement and repair costs long-term for Apple.

What I'll be buying.

I will be buying two new iPhones—one for me and one for my wife[3]—and switching from AT&T the Verizon network. And we will get the smallest capacity—16GB most likely.

Why Verizon? Well the LTE is a big part of it. Even if the AT&T iPhone has LTE that part of the AT&T network is sorely lacking. No LTE anywhere near where we live on the AT&T network. And the coverage we do get is not great. We're lucky to get a signal at all in our local grocery store or at Erin's parents' house. And, of course, there's AT&T's latest douchebaggery regarding FaceTime over their cell network.

And as for getting the smallest drive, well, I've gotten the smallest capacity device for every iPhone and iPad I've purchased—both mine and my wife's. I have a 16GB iPhone now and it's got a ton of apps on it and I've still got nearly 6GB free. I use a streaming music app, Songza so I don't have much music on board and I don't keep any video on my phone. My iPad, however, is often filled with movies—mostly of the Disney type—and I will probably go bigger with my next iPad. But I don't see any need to spend the extra money on a larger capacity iPhone.

I am really excited about the new iPhone and the features that come with iOS 6. I will be preordering the moment I can.

[1]Didn't 3G feel really fast just a couple of years ago?

[2]Please. For the love of Steve Jobs's ghost. Do not call it an 'iTouch'. It's iPod Touch. Please.

[3]This will be the first time we have ever owned the same phone. She might get a white one, if available, to make it easier to tell them apart.