Finally Here

Whew. The iPhone 5 is finally here. I say finally not because it was delayed in any way but because my iPhone 4—and my wife's iPhone 3GS—is on its last legs. The home button is unreliable, the battery drains incredibly fast, and I've got app crashes all over[1].

I am just as excited about having a refreshed, fast-running phone[2] as I am the new features of the phone and iOS 6. They could stuff a faster processor and more ram in the 4S and I'd line up to buy it.

But the iPhone 5 is a significant iteration of the series. We found out today that the rumor mill, despite Tim Cook saying the company was going to 'double down' on its secrecy, was pretty spot on about the major changes to the iPhone.

I was wrong about the name, obviously, but I can't say I'm disappointed with 'iPhone 5'. To those über-nerds complaining that this is actually the sixth iPhone: shut up. First, no. It's the seventh. The iPhone 4 came in two variants; one for GSM (AT&T) and one for CDMA (Verizon). Second, it's Apple's phone and they can name it the EyePhone 767.4 if they want to. Third, no one is complaining about Google's Nexus 7 not being the seventh—it's the fifth Nexus device and only the first tablet. So just shut up about the name already.

What I'm excited about

Well, everything.

The camera looks like its going to be great. It's starting to approach point-and-shoot quality. My iPhone is my go to camera when I'm not carrying my ginormous 60D around with me. To have even better quality, even faster, and with better low-light performance is a huge plus for me.

The processor is just wicked fast. The A6 really does blow the A5 out of the water. It runs circles around the 4S so I know it's going to feel like greased lightning to me and Erin.

And speed? Speed is the LTE connection. LTE with a good signal is faster than my home cable Internet connection. By a lot. And we will be switching to Verizon to make sure we actually, you know, get a connection. The iPhone 5 also has 802.11n dual-band WiFi. So you can take full advantage of modern dual-band wireless network routers.

This phone is fast both getting and processing data.

The new Lightning connector is pretty cool. When I told my wife about it she was unimpressed. That is, until I said the word 'reversible'. That made her happy. I suspect that will make many non-nerds happy. Simple + useful = Better.

I'm looking forward to trying out the new EarPods. I've always hated Apple's in-ear headphones[3] because they're uncomfortable to me and won't stay in my ears. I'll give these new ones a shot.

The taller screen seems like a headline feature that will soon seem obvious in retrospect. I think as we go forward it will be more of a 'Hey? Remember when iPhones had those little screens?' thing. Because the screen on the iPhone 5 is the same width it won't really feel very different from using the old screen. It really is more screen real estate without any drawbacks.

The form factor looks like it will be just as comfortable in the hand as the 4/4S. It's thin, light, and the chamfered edges will keep it from feeling too 'edgy' as well as making feel web thinner. Of course, we will have to actually get our hands on it to be sure but we should only have to wait until next Friday for that.




As I said before I'm getting a 16GB black iPhone 5 and Erin is getting a 16GB white one. This might be the first time we don't feel like we need cases so the different colors should help us tell them apart. We are going to switch both of our lines over to Verizon. The monthly price is about the same as AT&T but with actual LTE coverage where we live[4].

I am in full-blown fanboy mode waiting for my new iPhone.

[1]: Erin's 3GS has pretty much all of the same problems as except the home button issues, which seem to be a 4/4S problem. The app crashes? The biggest culprit is TweetBot, but it crashes on my iPad 2 as well. Maybe a memory leak problem? They're both running iOS 5.1.1. Maybe iOS 6 would fix those issues on our old phones, but we won't figure that out because we're upgrading.

[2]: I got my phone in the summer of 2010. In modern technology terms two years is a lifetime.

[3]: All in-ear headphones, really.

[4]: Or anywhere else.