You might have noticed, if you follow me on other parts of the internet, a precipitous decline in my posts to Facebook and Instagram. More on that development and why that is in a future post but basically I have quit both of those services for my own sanity.

Likewise, if you have visited A Fine Dram recently you may have noticed a new item in the menu bar, SAAT.

So... What the heck is SAAT?

It's my tumblr site, Super Awesome Adventure Time[1].

The next logical question is why would I start a second site when I already have The Dram? Essentially, having a second, super-easy-to-post-to site[2] actually serves a couple of functions.

First, using tumblr and flickr to replace Facebook and Instagram gives me a place to share quick posts, pics, and videos without the discomfort[3] I have with Facebook and Instagram. This also gives my internet friends–heck, even real people–the ability to see what I post without needing to sign up for unnecessary or untrustworthy services.

Second, this change actually allows me to refocus the content here on The Dram. I want to focus the posts here on longer, 'article'-type posts and photography posts[4]. I'm going to migrate the current 'blog' section to an Archives page and begin a Main page with a clean slate.

To that end I am working on a number of new posts. I don't want to give away too much but I am very excited about the pieces I'm working on.

Thank you for reading. I hope you like the refresh. And please check out Super Awesome Adventure Time for quick posts, photos, videos, and whatever randomness I feel like throwing on the interwebs.

[1]: Which is at, but you can use the .com, too. It's the magic of the internets!

[2]: I can post to tumblr–as well as flickr and twitter–easily via multiple iOS apps. It really is super easy.

[3]: Unease, swarminess, sketchiness.

[4]: Sometimes those will be one in the same, as you will see very soon...