If you listen to the podcast – and you should because it’s actually pretty good – you know that I have been sick on and off for the better part of two months and that’s affected our recording schedule1. I’m not happy about it.

Sure, we have been able to get out an episode every couple of weeks for the most part. And it isn’t always my fault that we don’t record regularly. Scheduling conflicts happen. We are two thirty-something guys with full schedules and it can just be tough to find an open hour or two in both of our schedules. And that’s fine for us. We do the podcast mostly for ourselves, anyway. We don’t have any sponsors to please or anything pushing us to get shows out.

What’s really bothering me is that over the past year I haven’t been able to produce content consistently either by pushing the podcast back a few days or a week or, even more often, not posting anything here on the site. 2013 was just not very productive for me on the internet. And it isn’t just being sick, obvs. I just haven’t had the motivation lately.

But, I want to get it back. I have an ever-expanding list of posts I want to write. Posts about pens and baseball and Mac stuff and on and on…

Some of the topics you haven’t seen me cover this year:

A review of my new2 fountain pens

Another look at my Bullet Journal, Field Notes, EDC stuff

New video posts on my updated AeroPress and Chemex methods

Audio stuff: Headphones, my favorite albums, analog vs. digital

Updated lists of favorite Mac and iOS apps

And there is another thing that I’ve been planning on launching but just haven’t been able to really get myself started on it. That’s a new podcast. I’m not going to say much about it now because I have a lot to work out about it. I will say that it is completely different in form and content from Irrational Confidence but similar in that I’m not going to try to get sponsors or even try too hard to get a wide audience. Just like IRR CON POD, if I’m doing it for any reason other than that I want to do it I will probably give up on it pretty quickly.

And no, IRR CON POD is not going anywhere. I love doing it and I’ve kind of gotten to the point where I need it as a stress reliever. Indeed, because IRR CON POD takes more planning and editing – the new one will be much shorter and a solo show – the new show will likely just come in the IRR CON POD gaps.

So. I’ve put it out there that I want to be better about producing posts and episodes. Hopefully that will help set a fire under me and you will get even more posts here and podcast episodes from us. I’ll start working on that list up there for one thing. And you may have even more of me in your ear holes soon.


  1. Insert obligatory joke about our lack of a proper schedule here.

  2. Well, they were new at one time...