We went to the county fairgrounds last night to see the July 4th fireworks...

The fairgrounds are across the road from my high school, home of the State Champion Skyhawks!!


I took a couple of photos before the sun went down...

Once it got dark it was fireworks time. For a small, local fireworks show it was pretty good.

This was my first time trying to shoot fireworks – I got some hints from this site – but I think I did a pretty good job.

I used my tripod and remote shutter release. The camera was on bulb mode so I could manually control the shutter. I used my prime 28mm lens at ƒ/16 and focus at infinity. I just used the first couple of bursts to get the framing right and locked down the tripod and shot in 1-2 second exposures.

It was a little tricky to get the timing right. The best shots were those where I opened the shutter right before the firework exploded and closed just before it reached it's largest size in the sky. On a lot of them I just got lucky, of course.

I also should say that the fireworks photos below are almost completely untouched. The only corrections are the lens profile fix – fixes the distortion in the wide angle lens – and a little bit of sharpening. I haven't messed with exposure, color, or even cropping.

Next time I think I'll try shooting vertical to get more of the sky in frame and either move further back or invest in that Sigma 20mm wide angle I have my eye on...

Here are the good fireworks shots in a gallery:

Update: If you would like to see the high res versions of all of these fireworks photos my flickr album is here.