Night Photos

I have been trying to take some photos at night lately because the nights have been clear and not too humid the past couple of weeks. Here are some of the (semi-decent) results.

This shot was taken with my Sigma 70-300 zoomed all the way out. "So what?" I hear you ask. Well, I took it hand held. The stabilizer in the lens is that good.

Took this one looking Northwest into the twilight waiting for ISS to go over tonight. I couldn't get the shot I wanted – the ISS fading in through the twilight and going out of the top of the frame – but I like this photo all the same.

After I saw that pointing Northeast (toward the light) wasn't going to work – even with a neutral density filter on – I flipped the tripod around and tried to get the ISS against the darkening night sky.

This one is 108 seconds of the ISS going to the Southeast and fading out of view as it loses the Sun.

None of these are great photos, of course, but they are decent enough as experiments.

If you want to try to see or photograph the ISS as it passes over your house check out NASA's Spot the Station site to look up your location and sign up for email alerts.