Apple Music is coming...

Apple Music is coming tomorrow. There are a couple of hoops you’re going to have to jump through to listen in.


Apple is going to push iOS 8.4 to iPhones and iPads at 8:00 AM PDT (11:00 AM on the East Coast) on June 30 (tomorrow). That will update the Music app to support Apple Music. The Beats app is getting an update (though not necessarily at the same time) that will let it export your Library and Playlists over to the updated Apple Music app.

If you use Spotify, Rdio, etc., you can use the Beats Importer (info here) to move your stuff to Beats and then from there into Apple Music.


You’re going to have to pay for most of the features of Apple Music. It’s $9.99/month for one user, $14.99/month for up to six users connected through iCloud Family Sharing. But, in my opinion it’s worth it. For that you get unlimited skips on Apple Music radio stations except on Beats1, which is live and doesn’t have skips, unlimited listening to everything in the Apple Music catalog, all of your own music added through iTunes Match, and access to the curated playlists and recommendations in Apple Music. You will also get offline listening for those times when you’re driving to Snowshoe and cell service sucks.

There is a three month free trial period for everyone but if you decide not to pay after that you’ll lose access to any content from the catalog you’ve added and you’ll be skip-limited on all radio stations.

Where to Listen

Initially you’ll get to enjoy Apple Music on any iOS device, any Mac or PC running the latest iTunes, and the Apple Watch. Apple TV support and an Android app are coming later this year.

So, Should I Try It?

Yeah. If you use the Music app now for iTunes Match and/or iTunes Radio then you’ll be using it anyway. And iTunes Radio is being killed off in favor of Apple Music so you’ve got no choice there. If you use Beats then you’re eventually going to be migrated over to Apple Music (probably) so you might as well start that process now.

If you’re using one of the other streaming services and really, really love it, then I dunno. Maybe just try Apple Music for a bit since it’s free for three months and decide then.

But, I want to know more…

Then you should check out Serenity Caldwell’s Apple Music FAQ: Everything you need to know on iMore. It has, literally, everything you need to know.

Happy listening…