Christmas Projects

Now that it's after Christmas and all of my gifts have been given out I can finally post some pics of what I've been working on.

The main project, and the one that was actually the easiest, was a longboard for Beatrix. It's cut out of a piece of 3/4 inch baltic birch. I basically just found a template online, printed it and stuck it to the board, and did a rough cut with the band saw. Then I sanded it to final dimension and rounded the edges on the router table. After that it was just finish sanding and painting. And then installing the trucks and wheels and applying some grip tape.

Beatrix has already tested the board in the neighborhood and gotten it scratched up, which is pretty awesome in my book.

The rest of the projects were small in scale but a lot more complicated than the skateboard.

I glued together layers of walnut and cherry and cut them into some bandsaw boxes. The more rectangular one – on the right in the photo – was for Erin and it was way easier to cut and sand than the others. The owls, one for Bea and one for my mother-in-law, were moderately difficult to cut and sand. The elephant, for my mom, was a nightmare all around. All of those tight curves made everything so much more difficult. After the boxes were cut out, and the drawers cut out and glued up (and small cherry pulls glued on), I sanded them all to 400 grit and applied danish oil to bring out the grain. For a first attempt they're ok but I can see every single flaw and mistake in them. At the very least I learned a lot about the process.

The other two items are razor stands. The one on the left is make out of teak and it was for my brother, Randy. The other one is made of wenge and I gave it to my dad. For those I used veneer rather than regular wood stock and glued the layers together to get the thickness and, for the upper part, the curve I wanted. Parchment paper was my best friend for that. After glueing up the layers I applied templates, cut them out, sanded to final dimension and then – learning from the bandsaw boxes – did my finish sanding before glueing the pieces of the stands together. Then it was a pretty simple matter of glueing the stands to the bases and finishing with some touch up sanding and a couple of coats of spray laquer.

These projects took me a ton of time to complete because I don't really have a proper workspace. I'm going to take care of that soon, though, because my next big project is a workbench and tool storage in my garage.