Wood Rack 2.0

I honestly didn't think I would be doing any significant projects in the shop/garage this soon. I finished up the Xmas projects and found a home for the new drill press and thought my next project would be the workbench I'm planning on building this Spring. But...

The other night, as we were engrossed in The Hobbit before bedtime we heard a huge crash. I went to investigate and found my plywood rack had given up and everything had come crashing down. Admittedly, it was a terrible design, poorly built, and overloaded. I should have known better. Thankfully everything fell straight down between the wall and Erin's car so nothing important was damaged.


Clearly a new design was in order. I found a good one on The Wood Whisperer that I could easily modify to work with the existing French cleat. The plans are available for free there on his site.


I ended up cutting most of the parts with my favorite hand saw because most were too long for the band saw and I don't like using the circular saw if I can avoid it – too much dust and noise.

I assembled it all together with regular Titebond and screws. You can sort of see from the pics above that it's basically a t-joint and an i-beam attached together. It is overkill for the amount of weight they will be holding – especially since the weight is distributed over three of them and the cleat is screwed into three studs with decking screws – but overengineering is exactly what prevents the failure I had with the last one.