New England and Canada

A couple of weeks ago Erin, Beatrix, and I went on a New England/Canada cruise with my parents. I have finally readjusted to real life enough to get some pictures posted...

We left out of Baltimore and went up the day before so we had a little bit of extra time to kill. The nerd in me couldn't resist going to the National Electronics Museum, which was just down the street from the hotel. Their main focus is on communications and military electronics. They have a lot of great stuff in there and quite a few hands-on displays for kids. It is well worth the $5 admission.

My favorites were the Enigma machine and the Norden bombsight. I had never seen either in person before.

We sailed on the Grandeur of the Seas. She's nice but she is definitely starting to show her age. We heard from an officer later in the cruise that she has had her last refit as a Royal Caribbean ship. In the next couple of years she will probably be sold to another cruise line.

On the way out of Baltimore we saw Fort McHenry and I tried to get a photo of the NS Savannah. The Savannah was the first nuclear powered merchant ship. Now she's basically a museum ship (that's closed to the public) just waiting for the government to allocate the funds to decomission her nuclear reactor.


After a day at sea our first port of call was Boston. I was determined to go to the Paul Revere house because last time I was in Boston Brandon and Pat wouldn't let me go.

Well... Brandon and Pat were kind of vindicated. It was a comedy of errors even getting to it and getting in and there isn't really much to it once you do get in. I like this photo, though:

Then Erin, Beatrix, and I went to some base ball park...

We went to Portland, Maine, which is nice and I destroyed this lobster.

Then we went to Bar Harbor, which was even nicer, and Dad destroyed this piece of blueberry pie.

While Mom and Dad and I were stuffing our faces with seafood and pie, Erin and Beatrix went out on a lobster boat to see how lobstering is done. Bea made a friend but she had to put him back in the ocean.

Our first stop in Canada was in Saint John, New Brunswick. We just did the most Canadian thing we could think of.

Our last stop was in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We went to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. I fell in love with a little sloop and Erin and Bea took the helm of the CSS Acadia.

It was a great trip. I took too few photos, and probably should have taken my real camera with me. The iPhone camera did a good job but it can only do so much.

Cool things I saw but didn't get photos of: the Saint John City Market, many dolphins and whales in the Atlantic, crossing over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel at night on the way back, the Ames Mansion, the Harvard Bridge.